You Belong Here!

At Rotary, there’s a place for every person and every interest. For over 100 years, Rotary has led the way in service, leadership, and friendship. We’re an organization of 1.4 million diverse leaders that spans over 33,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and 7 continents—even Antarctica!

If you’re looking for a place to get involved in your NorCal community and make real and lasting changes in the world, you belong with Rotary.

Find your place

One of the best parts about Rotary is there are so many ways to get involved. Nobody’s Rotary experience is exactly the same— and that’s how it should be!

Maybe you’re passionate about international aid relief programs. We’ve got teams you can plug into today. Are you invested in youth programs closer to home? Come on over. Want to work with your hands and build a park or knit some blankets? We’ll save you a seat.

Make an impact through…

  • Local community projects from planting trees to after school reading programs
  • Opportunities for leadership and skills development
  • Forming new friendships and building your network
  • Global projects like polio eradication and clean water

As a Rotarian your efforts are leveraged together to make lasting change in your community and around the world.  Together, we can move mountains (and help end polio).

Rotary provides ample opportunities for leadership and skill building, such as project management, public speaking, fundraising, and more!

Form new relationships and have fun! As a Rotarian, you’ll continually meet diverse groups of people, bonded through a common cause, building networks both personally and professionally.

Whether you’re supporting a school in Haiti, teaching entrepreneurship classes in Mexico, promoting conflict resolution in Pakistan, or building a new well in Kenya, there are opportunities to make a difference in Rotary globally.

Want to learn about Rotary clubs near you?

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